The Anylander Pannier is a bag system that was born out of a fondness for the style and function of traditional panniers combined with the need for technology that can handle the rough and tumble lifestyle of a backroads tourist. A project near and dear to the hearts of two Nebraskaphiles, it is an idea that started and developed in the saddle and around the campfire. Years of using, equipping, and fixing touring bikes as well as critiquing and altering pannier systems evolved into productive conversations of, “what would our ultimate pannier look like?”


Want to know more about the bags? Well, this is where you'll find all that jazz.

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Two folks that ride and tour quite a bit. Also, a real appreciation for good bags. Anylander is a product of that.


🇨🇦 Sewn in Canada [by Scott], 🇺🇸 built in nebraska [By vince]